Importance of Student Enrolments

Importance of Student Enrolments

Student enrolment numbers determine the levels of funding and income received and the type and amount of resourcing required. A cursory glance is all that is required to know a school’s current enrolment numbers. However, it is the detail, not the specific number that can be most important. Our schools are representative of our society. […]

Human Resources Management in Schools

The vision statement of the Family and School Partnership Framework is for families and schools to work together in the education of children and young people. The principals of the partnership include both parties wanting the best for the children by providing the opportunity for the student to reach their full potential within a nurturing […]

Products and Services – The Delivery of Information is Core

The delivery of Education is core to our society and varies in accordance with changes to curriculum, government requirements, technology and the world environment within which we now live. It is constant and consistent as all non-government schools comply and adopt these changes in somewhat similar ways. Download Article

Registrar – An Important Role in a School

The role of Registrar is arguably the second most important role in a school after the Principal! A potentially controversial statement on the surface, however, when exploring the role in detail, the success of your school’s Registrar can directly influence both the academic and financial success of your school. The Registrar is generally the first school […]

Principals…they need your support to be successful!

Principals have an incredibly challenging role. They are responsible for the management of multi-million dollar organisations and the majority of schools are large employers. These responsibilities are in addition to the Principals core role of ensuring the wellbeing and successful education of all students. The business model under which a schools operates sees the loss […]

Are your Tuition Fees going to be paid by the end of the year?

Are you using Debtor Management and Debt Collection to your advantage? This article explains the differences between Debtor Management and Debt Collection and how they are positive tools for schools to use when following up parents who have not paid their accounts. Additionally, the correct use of such tools will achieve positive changes to the payment […]

Staff Welfare Strategies

Whenever we are asked as Business Owners, Business Managers or Principals questions relating to our staff and their welfare, we state with full conviction that our employees are our most important resources. The reality is that we don’t always treat them as such. With the many and various pressures on schools in conjunction with the […]

Cashless Schools

Technology continues to provide solutions to long term problems. With the problem of managing the handling of cash, the solution is simply, “don’t”. Tested and proven systems are now available to schools eliminating the costly direct labour required to handle, store and manage cash, and the other peripheral expenses that cash handling generates. Analysis Schools, […]

Core Service Delivery

Outsourcing trading operations provides a range of advantages to the school without forgoing any benefits. Download Article