Credible Reporting of School Financials

Credible Reporting of School Financials

Schools face many types of risk and challenges. In this article series on ‘Keeping Your School’s Plates Spinning in Uncertain Times’, we are considering the operational and financial vulnerability of schools and this part focusses on the importance of effective financial reporting. What are the risks? How do we reduce the impact on our school’s […]

Budget Time!

As the 2019 Financial Questionnaire is completed, schools move towards the budget for 2021. None of us need to hear further comment on what a year 2020 has been, but based upon the changes schools have experienced, of which some will stay into 2021 and beyond, it is critical that next year’s budget be built […]

School-based Software = Whole of Community Engagement

It is no surprise that a school-based Software will make your Administrators, Teachers and Staff lives a whole lot easier. But here’s the kicker, when you team up with a really clever, powerful, School Management and Portal Software that connects your whole community, then that’s a no-brainer! We have no doubt that Small Schools face […]

Financial Questionnaire

The 30 June deadline for the submission of your Financial Questionnaire will soon be here. If you are facing multiple commitments at this busy time of year, contact the School Experts for assistance from our dedicated and professional team. Its all new with the launch of the Government’s new schools portal SchoolsHUB too!

Sustainability of School Finances

In this article John Somerset, a well respected professional in the educational sector, looks at how schools should assess and manage their Financial Sustainability. John looks at how to ensure annual cash flow is sufficient for sustainability, considers important questions about adequate operating surplus, reinvestment, appropriate debt, and the stability implications of financial, non-financial and leadership factors. […]

Changes to Accounting Standards for Schools

How will the recent accounting standard changes impact the accounting treatment of assets, the data recorded in Fixed Asset Registers & your school’s Financial Reporting? Mr Geoff Edwards, an Adelaide based BDO Partner of Audit & Assurance wrote the following excellent article identifying the financial impact of four Accounting Standards, aptly named “Quadruple Threat”. Download […]