New Laws for Casual Employees in Schools

New Laws for Casual Employees in Schools

On 22 March 2021 the Commonwealth Government passed legislation aimed to address uncertainty around the engagement of casual employees. This article, written by our Strategic Partners Lynch Meyer Lawyers, discusses the new amendments and actions required to ensure that schools are meeting their employment law obligations in relation to casual employees in schools.

Successive Fixed Term Employment Contracts – What You Need to Know

Employment may be offered to employees on the basis that it is for a fixed term (i.e. 12 months) or until a specified date. When the agreed date in the contract is reached, the contract will expire. However, in circumstances where an employee has been engaged pursuant to a series of fixed term employment contracts, […]

Business Risk & Critical Role Management in Schools

Though commonly not being acknowledged as a business, schools are in fact a business with significant assets and income and are large employers. However, they are not like any commercial business, rather operating within a unique sector and a closed environment. Within schools there frequently is a cultural gap between teaching and non-teaching roles as […]

Human Resources Management in Schools

The vision statement of the Family and School Partnership Framework is for families and schools to work together in the education of children and young people. The principals of the partnership include both parties wanting the best for the children by providing the opportunity for the student to reach their full potential within a nurturing […]

Staff Welfare Strategies

Whenever we are asked as Business Owners, Business Managers or Principals questions relating to our staff and their welfare, we state with full conviction that our employees are our most important resources. The reality is that we don’t always treat them as such. With the many and various pressures on schools in conjunction with the […]