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A Discussion on the Challenges for School Business Managers

From fee collection, to resource problems due to staff turnover and inefficient data security standards, the modern challenges facing school business managers and leaders are numerous, and complex. Kenton Newall, Business Relationship Manager at Cole School Experts, explains why these challenges exist and what solutions are available in an interview with Legalwise. What are 3 […]

PCSchool Payroll Seminar

Be the first to see the progress of Payroll on Spider! Kate from PCSchool will join us via “video link” to demonstrate future developments on Spider for Payroll. The group will then have the opportunity to share best practice, discuss managing payroll processes and ask questions of each other, Kate and our payroll experts.

Financial Questionnaire

The 30 June deadline for the submission of your Financial Questionnaire will soon be here. If you are facing multiple commitments at this busy time of year, contact the School Experts for assistance from our dedicated and professional team. Its all new with the launch of the Government’s new schools portal SchoolsHUB too!

Sustainability of School Finances

In this article John Somerset, a well respected professional in the educational sector, looks at how schools should assess and manage their Financial Sustainability. John looks at how to ensure annual cash flow is sufficient for sustainability, considers important questions about adequate operating surplus, reinvestment, appropriate debt, and the stability implications of financial, non-financial and leadership factors. […]

Changes to Accounting Standards for Schools

How will the recent accounting standard changes impact the accounting treatment of assets, the data recorded in Fixed Asset Registers & your school’s Financial Reporting? Mr Geoff Edwards, an Adelaide based BDO Partner of Audit & Assurance wrote the following excellent article identifying the financial impact of four Accounting Standards, aptly named “Quadruple Threat”. Download […]

Cole Welcomes Kenton Newall

We are pleased to welcome Kenton to the Cole Community as our Business Relationship Manager. With growth comes the risk of not being able to support our clients in the manner to which we aspire. We have no doubt that Kenton will be able to help our clients through methodology, strategy and technology to develop, […]

Importance of Student Enrolments

Student enrolment numbers determine the levels of funding and income received and the type and amount of resourcing required. A cursory glance is all that is required to know a school’s current enrolment numbers. However, it is the detail, not the specific number that can be most important. Our schools are representative of our society. […]

Human Resources Management in Schools

The vision statement of the Family and School Partnership Framework is for families and schools to work together in the education of children and young people. The principals of the partnership include both parties wanting the best for the children by providing the opportunity for the student to reach their full potential within a nurturing […]

Products and Services – The Delivery of Information is Core

The delivery of Education is core to our society and varies in accordance with changes to curriculum, government requirements, technology and the world environment within which we now live. It is constant and consistent as all non-government schools comply and adopt these changes in somewhat similar ways. Download Article