Reducing future vulnerability with processes

Reducing future vulnerability with processes

There are many types of risks that schools face. In this article series we are considering the operational and financial vulnerability of schools. What are these risks and how do we reduce the impact? There are some identification and prevention similarities with natural world disasters, like bush fires and managing fire danger. As Business Managers […]

School-based Software = Whole of Community Engagement

It is no surprise that a school-based Software will make your Administrators, Teachers and Staff lives a whole lot easier. But here’s the kicker, when you team up with a really clever, powerful, School Management and Portal Software that connects your whole community, then that’s a no-brainer! We have no doubt that Small Schools face […]

A Discussion on the Challenges for School Business Managers

From fee collection, to resource problems due to staff turnover and inefficient data security standards, the modern challenges facing school business managers and leaders are numerous, and complex. Kenton Newall, Business Relationship Manager at Cole School Experts, explains why these challenges exist and what solutions are available in an interview with Legalwise. What are 3 […]

PCSchool Payroll Seminar

Be the first to see the progress of Payroll on Spider! Kate from PCSchool will join us via “video link” to demonstrate future developments on Spider for Payroll. The group will then have the opportunity to share best practice, discuss managing payroll processes and ask questions of each other, Kate and our payroll experts.

Keeping Your School’s Plates Spinning in Uncertain Times – part 3

In this series of articles we are considering the challenge for school Leadership and the Business Manager of balancing competing priorities and preparing for the impact of a crisis. In Part 1 we looked at financial impact and making opportunity of a crisis and in Part 2 we looked at how analysing operational activities can […]