Software Professional Services

Cole has strategic collaborations with the major software houses in the school sector which, in conjunction with our extensive experience with school systems, enables our Software Professional Services team of experts to support every K-12 school optimise the use of their software and systems.

What is our Software Professional Services team and Strategic Partners able to offer schools?

  • Software product knowledgeSoftware Professional Services hotline
  • System innovation & process automation
  • Software application support
  • School and accounting knowledge
  • Operations & systems expertise
  • School focused consultation
  • Software training and seminars

There a number of school specific software products available for schools that provide solutions for the requirements of operating a school from Finance, Payroll, Students and Families to Curriculum. We have the experience and expertise to help your school select, implement and train in a software solution that best fits your school’s specific requirements.

Changing software solutions and reinvesting in an alternative product is not always necessary. As an independent service provider, Cole School Experts’ position is clear; we will not enter into any discussion with regards to recommending any school to change its software on the basis that the school has selected school specific software. Our role is to ensure schools achieve the best use of the software they have invested in, to improve processes and efficiencies, extract the required data accurately and to have the software work across all modules to the limits of the software’s capacity and beyond with connectivity to third party applications.

If requested by the school, our experts can independently advise during a new solution project, provide system comparisons, and assist with alternative solution reporting to Leadership, Finance and IT Committees.

What are some of the benefits of engaging with our Software Professional Services team?

  • Proactive customised service, tailored to your school’s individual needs
  • Accessibility to software solution and school experts by phone, online, onsite or via forums
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of your team’s software use by training in software functionality, reporting etc.
  • Communication of appropriate software development opportunities for your school and suitable third-party application integration
  • Involvement in software forums, seminars and webinars

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To discuss how we can support your school, call our Software Professional Services team on our dedicated software support hotline 1300 696 456.