Health Checks

Maximise the power of your software!

When visiting schools and reviewing the setup and use of their Student/Finance Information Systems, we frequently discover redundant software modules, inaccurate data and inefficient workflows.

Cole’s Software Professional Services team can audit your software to:

  • confirm effective software and database setup
  • ensure you are achieving best practice and maximum efficiency of processes,
  • maximise effective user interface
  • help you customise and document the key financial processes to meet the schools specific operational needs,
  • create effective integration with third-party software solutions,
  • migrate spreadsheets of data into functions of the software,
  • improve workflow automation in collaboration with our Strategic Partners,
  • validate data accuracy and input,
  • check compliance with policies and legislation.

The health check services we provide are varied and can be of a complete system, datasets, a particular module, specific workflows or your reporting outputs. Following our health check audits we can map out your school’s operational processes, establish a review cycle and consult with relevant users and leaders. We can communicate our findings to the relevant stakeholders by report, presentation or workshop.

Our experts can independently advise on the effective use of your software and workflows, assisting you with recommendation reporting to Leadership, Finance and IT Committees.

Call our Software Professional Services team on 1300 696 456 to discuss how we can help maximise the power of your software.