Webinar & Seminars

Keeping up with ever-changing technology systems and best-practice?!

Balancing a school’s operational requirements while pursuing the most effective use of your Information Systems is demanding, but with constant technological developments and new automation opportunities, it becomes a real challenge.

That is why, in conjunction with our Cole Connect brand and our technology Strategic Partners, we provide regular opportunities for Business Managers and their teams to attend school-based educational and product information sessions around technology and software topics. Typical areas covered in these forums are:

  • Software updates
  • Technology best-practice and thought leadership
  • Improving user experience
  • Partner add-ons and applications
  • Software workshops
  • Networking
  • Software training

If you have a specific area that you would like to workshop or train your team, we can also bespoke a relevant webinar or seminar session on-site at your school, working with your data and systems.

Call our Software Professional Services team on 1300 696 456 to find out further information about scheduled events or to discuss your training needs.

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