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Schools and Colleges nationwide use FileBound to manage everything from accounts payable automation, enrolment services, to student health and housing processes, grant management, contracts, , and other time-consuming back-office operations. These institutions rely on FileBound for its configurable functionality and simple, straightforward user experience in one affordable package.


  • Decreases the amount of time spent on business processes and other back-office activities; reduces operating expenses, freeing money to be spent on more strategic projects to advance the institution
  • Improves student service and enrolment management processes, such as processing enrolment applications more quickly, increasing the odds of attracting and retaining first-choice candidates
  • Integrates with student information systems (SIS), accounting software, human resources applications and critical systems; supports end-to-end efficiency while reducing data entry and other tedious manual processes
  • Cloud-native application offers affordability, security, disaster recovery, and reduced reliance on IT staff, while reducing or eliminating costs associated with paper document management and storage
  • Empowers administrators and staff to be nimble and collaborative by streamlining or removing manual processes, increasing workflow transparency, enabling anytime-anywhere access, creating permissions-based document sharing, and more

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