Konica Minolta Australia


Konica Minolta, while traditionally providing Copy/Print/Scan devices, are an innovative technology company assisting schools by providing workflow solutions to help them meet the digital challenges of today.

We discuss and help schools discover how the digitisation of processes can boost productivity for staff & students, in such areas as accounts payable/receivable, and student enrolment with the use of online forms. We can facilitate positive outcomes in:

  • Compliance – keep up with legislative requirements
  • Risk Mitigation – manage and understand controls simply, enable audit trail of scanning
  • Time/Cost – spend less time on manual tasks and more on what matters
  • Information Control – easily share, collaborate and control versions
  • Communication – Automate and digitise how you keep in touch with students
  • Student Records – Streamline how you can manage, store and retrieve easily

We can also combine our hardware & software solutions to provide an on ramp for the conversion of hard copy documents to searchable digital documents, which can be easily retrieved and reviewed when required.

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